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The death of the cubicle?

In an article April 2, 2013, the Wall Street Journal alluded to the death of the cubicle as the office environment transforms to a more collaborative environment. If you're a subscriber to the WSJ, you canlink to the article here. The article points to trends such as smaller footprints for individual workspaces and conference rooms that create opportunities for low-wall stations and "huddle" spaces for small groups to meet.
It's an arguable point that the cubicle of Dilbert fame has become the punchline of the industry, yet there remains the design dilemma of providing space for individuals to perform their work tasks.

Seating Inc to pursue BIFMA level 1

Seating Inc has announced their plan to pursue BIFMA® level 1 certification. To learn more about Seating Inc's comprehensive offering of solutions for general office & 24/7 heavy duty environments, please visit their website

Major project awarded to Groupe Lacasse

Exciting news for Groupe Lacasse - awarded a $3.4 Million project with the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center. Follow this link to the press release

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