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The $650 Task Chair - and how to sell it

You've picked up a lead for office seating and make your first contact, asking questions - looking to uncover pressure points that will help transform your prospect into a customer. Problem is, when you finally get to talking about budget, your client's only frame of reference for office chairs is the weekly newspaper flyer they receive from their local big-box retailer full of $99 "Leather Executive" chairs. Your time is valuable, and your reputation is on the line with every single sale you make - so how do you justify your client's investment in quality seating?

It may sound cliche, but where your products come from truly matters. Chair factories in the USA must meet stringent OSHA, EPA, IRS and state/ local municipal regulations to operate - and quality manufacturers go beyond those to achieve Greenguard, BIFMA, level, SCS, FSC, ISO, and other certifications as a means of guaranteeing air quality, worker safety, community stewardship, and minimized environmental impact.

All of these regulations and certifications cost money - and lots of it!

In its most basic calculation, the value of an employee to an employer is the productivity of that employee.

Taking a look at a $650 chair purchase as it relates to salary:

    $20,000 Salary = 3.3% investment
    $24,000 Salary = 2.7% investment
    $36,000 Salary = 1.8% investment
    $50,000 Salary = 1.3% investment

Walking your client through this discussion, you can make the case that making a one-time investment of 1 - 3% of an employee's salary for a quality chair with a 10 - 15 year lifespan would pay for itself within months of installation. Ask them how much the employer match is to cover an employee's healthcare annually - and you'll quickly help them see how minimal a good chair investment really is in the grand scheme of things.

So, now that you've educated your client about chairs in general, it's time to drill down to their end users' specific requirements and quirks that only a quality chair manufacturer with extensive customization capabilities can solve

Weight-activated or paddle-operated mechanisms
Scalable seat & back dimensions
Varying ranges of weight capacities within the same chair series
Unlimited upholstery options to exceed performance & aesthetic standards
15 Year to "Lifetime" Warranty covering moving parts

Seating Inc makes the very best chairs that can be highly customized to meet your exacting requirements in Nunda, New York. They are voluntarily participating in a special pilot EPA program to reduce factory emissions, and have achieved the following certifications:

ANSI/ BIFMA level 1 e3-2012 Furniture Sustainability Standard
WBENC - Woman-Owned
MAS tested - Indoor Air Quality

Call or email today to get started on selling a truly better chair!


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